Your advocate, partner, and coordinator in the legal process.



Litigation Coordinator

Taking the guesswork out of document preparations is our specialty. In today's digital age many cases are won or lost in the data presentation following the fact finding process. We are experts at piecing together convoluted chains of information from a wide array of digital and physical sources.

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Divorce Coordinator

Gathering the necessary information in advance for your divorce filing can save you countless hours, days, and even months in the legal process. There are no do-overs; get help from the outset. Whether we are your first call or you have already engaged a lawyer, we will be with you every step of the way.

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Parent Communications Coordinator

Our job is to help parents establish functional communication methods following separation. We don't pretend it is easy, but making sure children are not caught in the middle of communication discord is essential to successful separation. In today's instant communication and constant contact world, establishing effective boundaries is not as easy as one might think... we can help.

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Investigation and Research

Sometimes your case will require additional digging beyond the normal channels. We can help, and if we can't we have several reputable dedicated Private Investigators we can recommend.

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