Your advocate, partner, and coordinator in the legal process.

Getting Started


The Conflict Check

Much like your attorney, we will do a conflict check for you. It is not quite as extensive as a typical attorney, and does not have the same limitations but ethically we must ensure there are no obvious conflicts of interest.

The Phone/Video Conference

First we will schedule 30 minutes to discuss your situation and where you are in the process. There is no charge for this consult and you will come away with a fairly clear picture of possible directions for your case.

The Proposal

Everyone's story and situation is differnt. Following our initial conversation, we will provide you with a written proposal of action items that would best suit your objectives. We will also provide comments on how your tolerance for certain processes might affect your outcome. This will be a one page list of specifics so you can have an idea of how we will approach your situation.

The Work

Next we get to work. There will be a preliminary stage of discovery, questions and answers, some meetings and information gathering. We will make very active recommendations to stop any backwards motion, and set some processes in place that have been proven to work to bring situations under your control. Much of this process is relieving the feeling of 'not knowing where to start'. As time goes on, our job is to give you the opportunity to take back control of the information management process if that is the direction you would like to go.

The Money Stuff

Depending on your particular case, workload, and financial situation, we offer subscription services, as well as the more traditional retainer and regular monthly billing or invoicing. Part of our initial discussion will include budget talks and how to maximize your resources. We work to make sure the financial side of the process is in line with your resources.

During and after your engagement with us, there may come times when we will need to integrate our services with that of your attorney. We use Clio Software for our practice management. This is the same software used by many local firms. We can share login's, eCopies, or paper delivery of your case documents fully organized for seamless interfacing with your attorney. This process allows you to spend more time on preparing. We are firm believers that preparation and data win cases. We are here to make sure that all of that information makes it to your attorney for it's best use.

Interfacing with your Lawyer